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The CONCEPT Group, advised by R. Ramesh, is a world leader in the research on functional  complex oxide thin film heterostructures and nanostructures. Our research is at the interface between applied physics, materials science and prototype device engineering.  We are currently focused on three broad topics, all of them to do with coupled phenomena in solids. Our work on Magnetoelectric Multiferroics focus on the correlation between electric and magnetic properties in various complex oxide systems, with a strong focus on approaches to control magnetism with an electric field.  Another aspect of our work is focused on exploring pathways to convert solar energy into electricity and chemical fuel using oxide Photovoltaics.  A third component of our research is exploring pathways to enhance the energy efficiency of thermal systems through the incorporation of Thermoelectric energy conversion systems.  Our expertise is in the creation of model heterostructures and nanostructures through a combination of laser MBE, Chemical Vapor Deposition and oxide self-assembly. We probe the properties of these materials via conventional magnetometry, magnetotransport, dielectric/ferroelectric/piezoelectric measurements using scanned probe techniques, thermal transport measurements as well as opto-electronic transport studies.  A significant component of our research is the use of state of the art synchrotron characterization tools (PEEM, XMCD, XMLD) and electron microscopy to carry out element specific spectromicroscopy. We work very closely with theorists ( DFT, kinetic Monte Carlo, phenomenological approaches...) to gain fundamental insights into the experimental findings.  


CONCEPT Research Group
UC Berkeley
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
100 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-1760

Lab Phone: (510)643-8202
Fax: (510)643-5792

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