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No picture uploadedAsif Islam Khan

Graduate Student

Laboratory for Emerging and Exploratory Devices (LEED), EECS Department, UC Berkeley TSMC Collaboratory (Workstation 23), Sutadja Dai Hall & CONCEPT Lab, UC Berkeley 100 Hearst Memorial Mining Building Berkeley, CA 94720 Phone: (510) 643-8202 Email: asif@EECS.berkeley.EDU

BS in Electrical Engineering, Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering & Technology, May 2007
Research Interests:

-Conceptualizing and building novel nano-electronic devices for enhanced performance and novel functionalities by engineering nanoscale interactions and by infusing concepts and techniques from physics, engineering and material science.
  -Engineering multi-functional materials for device applications
   Current Project: Complex oxides for low power electronics: Capacitance enhancement by Ferroelectric route
     -Computational modeling and design of nano-devices incorporating material level aspects.


Honors and Awards:

1. EECS Department Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2008-09
2. Delegate to the 58th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates-dedicated to Physics, 2008
3. First Place, IEEE Region 10 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition, '06
4.Second Place, IEEE Student History Paper Contest, '04
5. Member, IEEE Enterprise Award Winning Team, IEEE BUET Student Branch, '06-'07,
6. ICTP award to attend Advanced Workshop on Nanomaterials, ICTP, Italy, '07.

Selected Publications:

1. A. I. Khan, M. K. Ashraf, and Anisul Haque, Wave function penetration effects in double gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors: impact on ballistic drain current with device scaling, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 105, no. 6, 2009.
2. M. K. Ashraf, A. I. Khan, and Anisul Haque,
Wave function penetration effects on ballistic drain current in double gate MOSFETs fabricated on (100) and (110) silicon surfaces, Solid-State Electronics, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 271-275, 2009.

Selected Conferences:
1. M. M. M. Khan, A.I. Khan et al., Synthesis of GF(3) Based Reversible/Quantum Logic Circuits Without Garbage Output, IEEE 39th Int'l Symp. Multiple-Valued Logic, Japan, May '09
2. A. I. Khan et al, Quantum realization of some ternary circuits on top of Muthukrishnan-Stroud gates, IEEE 37th Int'l Symp. Multiple-Valued Logic, Norway, May '07.
3. H. M. I. Jaim, A. I. Khan, Crescograph, the first device for microscopic plant growth movement measurements: perspectives and its impact on plant research,XXVI Symp. of the Scientific Instrument Commission, MIT-Harvard, Cambridge, Sep. '07. (Poster presentation)
4. A. I. Khan et al., Wave function penetration effects on short channel characteristics of nanoscale double gate MOSFETs, IEEE Conf. Electron Devices & Solid State Circuits, Taiwan, '07.
5. A. I. Khan et al., Effects of wave function penetration on gate capacitance modeling of nanoscale double gate MOSFETs, IEEE Conf. Electron Devices & Solid State Circuits,Taiwan, Dec. '07. 6.

6. A. I. Khan, Pre-1900 Semiconductor Research and Semiconductor Device Applications, IEEE Conf. History of Electronics, UK, June '04. (Poster presentation, 2nd prize in IEEE history paper contest).


CONCEPT Research Group
UC Berkeley
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
100 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-1760

Lab Phone: (510)643-8202
Fax: (510)643-5792

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